Hua Hin love …

There’s a drawer in my mind labelled “Hua Hin” with …

The sunrises I went swimming then back to bed, skipping classes.
The mornings I woke up with a spinning head and smell of alcohol all over my body asking myself “Which magic’s brought me back last night?”
The sunsets I sat on the bench at my balcony reading chick-lits.
The evenings I pampered myself in Starbucks with a big cup of hot Cappuccino, all alone.
The nights I swam alone in the dark, feeling romantic.
The nights I swam with my gang.
The nights I walked along Hua Hin seashore with my gang inhaling and exhaling the warmness.
The night I waited for a guy on VIP’s 26th floor with a water gun in my hand and a smirk on my face, planning that if he hadn’t said yes to my “proposal” I’d have shot him wet.

The cake I bought for someone special and then ate it all.
The Red Mango yogurt I had in my birthday’s afternoon when skipping classes.
The footsteps I’ve made on Hua Hin Sands.
The bouncy music and Sex on The Beach in Hilton night club.
The campus with snakes, bugs, spiders, dogs and grass.
The flea markets with the smell of garbage.
The 5-hour ride on bike from Hua Hin to Bangkok under the summer’s Sun.

The smiles that wind has flown away.
The laughs that rain has dissolved away.
The tears that sunshine has dried away.
The moments I’ve created, enjoyed, stored and forgotten.

I miss you, my beautiful memories.


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