Always ask for what you want. That’s why I could attend ILGA Asia conference.

I made it to the ILGA Asia conference!!
I made it to the ILGA Asia conference!!

The 5th ILGA Asia conference that took place during March 29-31 in Bangkok was the largest conference for LGBTIQ (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-intersex-queer) activists in Asia. This year more than 240 activists across Asia came to Bangkok to share and exchange their passion, knowledge, experience and achievements.

I have supported LGBTIQ communities and their activities to create a brighter, more equal future for almost 10 years. I have published stories inspired by them. I am good friend with many of them. But I have always felt that I couldn’t understand them and their lives thoroughly. When knowing about the ILGA Asia event, I quickly took this wonderful chance to gain more insights. I was a bit nervous when sending my application, because I am not a member of any LGBTIQ organizations and there were lots of LGBTIQ activists who desired to join this event. After some weeks, they replied me with an invitation to join the blog team that would cover the workshops and interviews happening during the conference. YES obviously was my answer!

For ILGA Asia conference, I covered two sessions on Mental Health and HIV/AIDS. Please click on the topics to redirect to the links on ILGA Asia website.

I have learned a lot from workshops delivered by activists from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Japan, etc. With my updated knowledge and insights, I hope to contribute more and better to the LGBTIQ movement in my home country, Vietnam, and throughout the world (they say “think big”, right?).

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